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  • Heide Follin Heide Follin

    With vibrant color as her passion and nature as her subject, Heide infuses her paintings with inventive expression. Her award-winning work evokes the joyful intimacy of natural objects and landscape i ... READ MORE >>
  • Kristen Graves Kristen Graves

    I am a folk/pop singer & songwriter and the current Connecticut State Troubadour. READ MORE >>
  • Ellen Gordon Ellen Gordon

    Ellen Gordon is a Stamford based mixed media artist. While her newer work is inspired by her drawings from private sessions with her model, the collection displayed speaks more about the creative mag ... READ MORE >>
  • Grace Scharr McEnaney Grace Scharr McEnaney

    Watercolor PainterArt and design have been the driving force in my life for as long as I can remember. After many years working as a technical illustrator, and then a graphic designer, I gradually beg ... READ MORE >>
  • Susan Leggitt Susan Leggitt

    A sense of place...“Inspired by the rugged and beautiful coast of Maine, my work reflects a deep connection to the water, coastline and sky, especially to the natural forms created by tidal streams, r ... READ MORE >>
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